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Forget about Opening Day? I Got You Covered.

Did you forget that the MLB Season starts today? I don't blame you with everything else going on in sports. You have March Madness is full effect, midseason NBA and NHL, golf tournaments every weekend, and not to mention countless UFC fights every week. Now it's time to add in the MLB as we are blessed with another 162 game season ahead of us.

Don't know what to bet on cause you haven't looked into it that much? No need to worry, I got you covered from win totals, best MVP and Cy Young bets, as well as a few props and futures I love this year.

Without further ado, here are my complete predictions and picks for the 2021 MLB Season


Before we get into my favorite bets and picks for the season I have listed my entire predictions for the end of season standings below.

Projected Standings:

(Numbers in parenthesis indicate odds of winning the division)

AL East

New York Yankees (-215) : 94 - 68

Toronto Blue Jays (+355) : 89 - 73

Tampa Bay Rays (+375) : 87 - 75

Boston Red Sox (+2000) : 78 - 84

Baltimore Orioles (+6000) : 62 - 100

AL Central

Minnesota Twins (+125) : 92 - 70

Chicago White Sox (-120) : 91- 71

Cleveland Indians (+700) : 88 - 74

Kansas City Royals (+4000) :78 - 84

Detroit Tigers (+6000) : 63 - 99

AL West

Los Angeles Angels (+375): 93 - 69

Houston Astros (+125) : 89 - 73

Oakland Athletics (+145) : 85 - 77

Seattle Mariners (+2600) : 70 - 92

Texas Rangers (+6000) : 59 - 103

NL East

Atlanta Braves (+120) : 93 - 69

New York Mets (+140) : 91 - 71

Philadelphia Phillies (+875) : 86 - 76

Washington Nationals (+600) : 85 - 75

Miami Marlins (+2500) : 76 - 86

NL Central

St. Louis Cardinals (+105) : 89 - 73

Milwaukee Brewers (+275) : 87 - 75

Chicago Cubs (+440) : 82 - 80

Cincinatti Reds (+350) : 78 - 84

Pittsburgh Pirates (+6500) : 55 - 107

NL West

Los Angeles Dodgers (-250) : 102 - 60

San Diego Padres (+200) : 97 - 65

San Francisco Giants (+4000) : 78 - 84

Arizona Diamondbacks (+5000) : 70 - 92

Colorado Rockies (+5000) : 58 - 104


Now we can get into my favorite bets and other predictions I have for the 2021 Season.

Win Totals:

Cleveland Indians OVER 81.5

Shane Bieber and Jose Ramirez are still on this team, or did everyone forget? This team still has a ton of talent even with Lindor getting dealt away. 81.5 is drastically low for a team that has a lot of firepower in their lineup and the rotation. Only thing that is worrisome is that they have to play the White Sox and Twins a lot. However, they also get to play the Royals and Tigers a lot as well, so it should even out.

Detroit Tigers UNDER 68.5

This teams isn't good at all. They had the #1 pick last year, and they haven't gotten that much better. Being in a division with 3 playoff contenders doesn't bode well for this squad. I expect them to struggle to make it to 60 wins, but end up 5-6 games under the 68.5 mark

Los Angeles Angels OVER 83.5

Huh? 83.5, that's it? You have Mike Trout and Anthony Rendon. Add in a healthy Shohei Ohtani and this team has a ton on talent. If they can stabilize their pitching and stay relatively healthy this team should easily eclipse this mark and maybe break 90 wins for the first time since 2014.

Texas Rangers UNDER 67.5

What makes anyone think this team is good. They have Joey Gallo who can hit 30-40 HRs, but also can barely hit over .200. Besides him this team is stripped of talent in their lineup and this pitching staff is not adequate enough to warrant 67.5 as their win total. They shouldn't even come close to eclipsing this number.

Milwaukee Brewers OVER 82.5

I'm on the fence about this one. On one hand this team looked awful last year, and never was able to get their footing until they were essentially out of the postseason. Then again it was a fluke year do to Covid, and Christian Yelich is still a great player. This pitching staff isn't going to wow you day in and day out, but they have enough there to contend in most games. In a division where there isn't one team that is clearly better than the rest I like the Brewers to surprise some people.


MVP and CY Young Predictions:

NL Cy Young:

Jacob DeGrom (+450) : Simply don't be stupid. He's the best pitcher in baseball, and shows no signs of slowing down. +450 is an absolute steal for a clear favorite for the Cy Young.

Walker Buehler (+1000): If you want to go against the grain this is solid odds. Buehler is a stud young arm on a loaded LAD team.

AL Cy Young:

Gerrit Cole (+350): Yeah I'm boring and picking the favorites to win the awards. There's a reason they are the favorites to win it. Had an "off" year last year and is going to dominate in his second season in the pinstripes.

Tyler Glasnow (+950): Want an off-meta kind of pick then Glasnow is your guy. Flamethrower who is the clear ace on his team now that Snell is in SD. He's going to have plenty of opportunities to solidify himself as a bonafide ace. Also +950 is solid odds for the 4th favorite to win the award.


Juan Soto (+735): I'm very surprised to see Soto as the favorite when Mookie Betts is in the NL, but experts must agree with me cause I love Soto. He is a superstar, has the swagger and talent to back it. up. He could easily hit .320 with 40 HRs this year and run away with the award.

Manny Machado (+2200): This guy is still a superstar and was in contention for the award last year. Tatis gets all the hype, but Machado is a beast, and needs to be given respect. +2200 is absurd for a player of his caliber.


Mike Trout (+225): Another "Don't Overthink It" pick. Trout is the clear favorite for a reason. He performs year in and year out. Now on a team picked by many to make the playoffs we might see the future HOF have his best year yet.

Tim Anderson (+2500): You want to spice things up than look no further than #7 on the White Sox. An energetic player at SS who is making a name for himself league wide. He'll contend in the batting race with a +.300 BA, and mash 25-30 HRs in the process. Abreu might have won the award last year, but Anderson is still the face of this team.


Props and Futures:

HR Leader: Pete Alonso (+1100)

Strikeout Leader: Lucas Giolito (+800)

Hits Leader: Mookie Betts (+1200)

Wins Leader: Gerrit Cole (+900) Steals Leader: Trea Turner (+400)


Playoff Predictions:

AL Wild Card:

White Sox OVER Blue Jays

NL Wild Card:

Mets OVER Padres


Yankees OVER White Sox

Angels OVER Twins


Mets OVER Dodgers

Braves OVER Cardinals


Yankees OVER Angels (NYY to win AL: +230)


Mets OVER Braves (NYM to win NL: +525)

World Series:

Mets OVER Yankees (NYM to win World Series: +1000)

There is definitely no favoritism in these picks whatsoever. Ok, maybe a little but I gotta believe.


We've got a long way to go, and anything can happen. All I know is that opening day is upon us and I couldn't be happier.

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