For The Family

Growing up in an Italian household you learn that there is nothing more important than family. Well, at-least until they fuck you over, then you never speak to them again.

Eagles Head Coach Nick Sirianni, aka the Italian Stallion, didn't go for 2 because "the analytics said so". Don't be fooled by Troy Aikman's analytical nonsense. Sirianni went for 2 because of his family. There's two things us guineas can't live without, and that's pasta and gambling. Siranni went for 2 because the only thing running through his families blood that day was tomato sauce and the birds with the points.

For the record, a push is not a win. Whoever is teaching that garbage to our youth needs to be executed immediately. What you guys don't understand is that if Sirianni doesn't go for the cover, he'd have no family for the rest of his life. You think I'm playing but I'm not. In an Italian household there's no 3 strikes you're out, it's one and done. The Eagles offensive coordinator wasn't the one talking to him in the headset saying go for 2, it was Sirianni's entire fucking family. I'm talking grandpa, to cousin Vinny, to Uncle Johnny, back to cousin Tony, the wife, the kids, the whole shebang, with all of them telling him, "listen here you motha fucka if you don't go for 2 and cash these tickets you're not coming home tonight".

Sirianni was left with no choice, he had to sack up and do what's best for the family. Sirianni rolled the dice like he was born to do, and put his faith in a QB who couldn't hit the side of a barn. And it worked. The backdoor dirty birds did it, and Sirianni got to go home to a plate of ziti and his family.

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