Five Summer Transfers That I Think Could Actually Happen

The Summer Transfer Window is just around the corner, and it is my favorite time of the football calender. There are so many rumors flying around, and it is very hard to predict on what footballer is going to sing with who. But, that is exactly what I'm going to do because why not? There are a lot of clubs' owners that don't even wipe their ass without letting me know first. I am that tapped in. No I'm just kidding. This article is an excuse so I can say "my sources" and once you get to say that, you've made it. So indulge me and enjoy my Summer transfer window predictions.

  1. Mempis Depay- Juve OR Barcelona

This guy is bound for a big Summer move. The Dutchman has buldged the net 18 times and has assisted another 9 in 34 apps this season. He is the focal part of a Lyon team that is currently 4th in Ligue 1 and is only 6 points off first place Lille. The reason I think Memphis is bound for a move is because his contract is up in July and if Lyon want to make a profit in a time when it is very hard to do so, then it would be financially adventageous to sell. Barca and Juve are the favorites, as of right now, to sign the Dutch International. The 27 year-old is capable of playing on either wing, false 9, or just be the classic out and out striker. Depay, of course flopped harder than Lebron James during his time at Man U, but he was young then. The time in France allowed him to mature and see the ball go in the back of the net. He is going to cost his new sutors anywhere in the 45-57 million dollar euro range.

2.) Florian Neuhaus- Liverpool

For those of you who dont know who this is, get educated. Imagine if Toni Kroos had a younger brother. That is Florian Neuhaus and Florian has been vocal on his admiration for Jurgen Klopp, and moving to Anfield. Neahus's interest has also seen reciprocity as my sources (hell yah) are telling me that Liverpool have reportedly placed the 24 year-old German at the top of their wishlist. Neuhaus is at the top of a lot of clubs wish list's, and it is warranted. The center mid has bagged 5 goals and 6 assists in 30 apps. 6.4 progressive passes, 6.8 progressive dribbles per 90. He also can create chances. 2.2 shot-creating actions per 90 and shooting proclivity 1.54 shots per game. This potential transfer seems very possible. Wijnaldum is on his way out and it looks like Liverpool are going to let him walk. So Liverpool NEED a replacement in an aging midfield and an injection of youth. Also, with Neuhaus being so vocal about wanting a move to Anfield, and with arealease clasue of only 40 million euros, this could definitely happen.

3.) Andrea Belotti- Man U

This by far is my hottest take of this article. At the time of writing, Man U's ownership is under some serious heat and there could be a potential switch in ownership happening. But barring of all that and assuming Man U's ability to buy players in the Summer wont affected, I think this is a serious possibility. Another reason I think this is a potential buy for the Red Devils is because their current striker, 34 year-old striker, Edi Cavanni, has already informed the club that he wants to move on after this current season. So, that means, to me, is that Man U is going to panic buy a strike. Much like they did for Cavanni this past Summer. And that panic is going to turn into reaching, and that reaching is going to grab this guy, Andrea Belotti. For those of you who dont know the 27 year-old Italian striker, he is the main man in Seirie A side, Torino. Torino is currently 17th in their league and is tied with relegation threatened side, Bennevento. Belotti has bagged 12 goals 7 assists in 22 apps this seasn. Belotti is a solid, on the ball striker, he's good in the air, and a smooth operator in the box. Expect a move for the Italian to cost the new team around 40 million euros.

Harry Kane-Man CIty

Okay, I know how OD this sounds. Harry Kane on Man City will break the Premier League. There wouldn't be a point in even playing the season, because Harry Kane would score 50+ goals. He is the leading scorer, at 21 goals, in the league on an abysmal Spurs team. Imagine if he was on a top two side in Europe where all he would have to do is just be in the box, and he without a doubt, will have 50 goals. The reason why this is a good fit, is because Kane wants to leave, Pep wants Kane more than any player in Europe, and City is one of only two teams ,the other being PSG, that can afford Kane's would be wage demands. Harry Kane is 27 now. He only has two to three more years at peak ability. If Harry Kane retires, without any trophies, then his legacy will be tarnished. This man deserves a trophy as much as any other player. He has been putting ten dudes in white shirts in a backpack for years now, and now he deserves a bit of reward for that.

Philipe Coutinho- Everton

Talk about a roller coaster for a career. Homeboy above me has had a RIDE. He went from Liverpool's star man, forced a move to Barcelona, where his transfer fee was 145 million euros. That was the third most expensive transfer of all time behind Neymar's and Mbappe's move to PSG. Then Coutinho became almost completely irrelevant by either being injured or just in bad form and became a regular on Barcelon's bench. Then the Brazilian international found himself on a plane to Munich to serve a loan spell at Bayern. Now he's back in Barcelona where he has only 12 apps and two goals. The Brazilian would cost the Toffees around 35 million. Which, if Coutinho can have any semblance of the ability that he had at Anfield, then this is a no brainer. That, however, is a massive "if". Talks between Coutinho's management and Everton are apparently going well. My sources are telling me that it is time to start apartment shopping in Liverpool. I like what Everton is trying to do, but I just think that Coutinho has too many glass bones. Every week it seems like this guy hurts his achilese tendon. If this does end up happening, expect the Liverpool faithful will definitely make themselves heard.

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