Edgar Allan Smoke

Ok look, I'm not trying to be the annoying guy who talks about quarantine every single day, but dead ass that's just the way life is right now. If you're wondering how its' been going, I wrote a fucking poem today.... bar for bar, word word , verse for verse, a fucking POEM. Hence the reason for my title, "Edgar Allan Smoke" for those of you who don't know myself included (until I typed in "famous poets" on google), Edgar Allan Poe was a famous POET (go figure) who's last name "Poe" rhymes with "SMOke" so at this point you can just call me Drake. With out further ado I present to you:

"Scarcity Sports"

A tree with out lights 

A hoop with no net

This sadness inside me I’ll never forget

The dance has been canceled

The brackets are gone  

Soul, Sold! For a dollar, up the street at the pawn 

I sit back and wonder 

Will this trickle in summer ?

Life with out sports is really a bummer 

I wake up and cry 

I’ve come to realize 

There is nothing to bet on 

For once there’s no lines

No full sending, not even high fives 

Sports I am praying 

For you back in our lives 

Poem Written By: 

Papa Smoke

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