Dolphins vs Falcons Report Card

Yesterday our Miami Dolphins annihilated the Atlanta Falcons 37-17. As a Dolphins fan, this was the most electric preseason game I've watched in over 10 years. The offense was buzzing, and our defense was lock down, but what else is new? Last night there was an energy from our guys that we as Dolphin fans haven't felt since Jarvis got traded, but last night we had the JUICE. Look at how excited Tua got after this play:


Last night we really took the ball from goal to goal like no ones ever seen, we were in the air, we were on the ground, we were always in control, and so was Tua. If Tua keeps this level of play up, I have the upmost confidence that we can give Buffalo a run for their money, or even win the division outright. The first thing that stuck out to me after watching Tua play was pocket presence. Tua was killing the QB Dance all night, he looked like he was auditioning for Dancing With The Stars. Look at this beautiful work in the pocket:

Although I enjoyed watching Tua sling the football around, I LOVED watching him be a LEADER for our football team. Leadership is the single most important characteristic that any QB could have. Tua made a bunch of highlight reel plays last night, but this was my favorite one:

After our offensive line looked a special ed flag football team against the Chicago Bears, they showed the fuck up last night. Watching Myles actually have holes to run through was a thing of beauty, and the pass protection was fantastic! And I know the big boys felt some type of way when Myles punched it in on the first try on the goal line, unlike last week. BIG shoutout to the hogs up front.

Myles Gaskin, take a bow, you were absolutely flawless last night. The offense was stunning.



I mean honestly, did you except anything else than for our defense to hold another opponent to just 3 points in the first half? No you didn't. Our guys are savages out there, and the biggest savage last night was Sam Eguaveon. This man played possessed last night, and rightfully so. Sam Eguaveon once paid $100 to try out for the CFL at a workout in Dallas, and said, "There was a time I really couldn’t see the light at the end of this tunnel". Well last night the light shined bright

as Eguaveon had four sacks, one of them resulting in a safety. Congrats Sam!


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