Dana White Has a Gigantic Sack

There's levels to this shit, and NO ONE is even close to Dana White. This man not only dropped an absolutely filthy card top to bottom for UFC 249, but this mother fucker is hosting it on a PRIVATE ISLAND, and he is going to FLY OUT every single fighter. ARE YOU SHITTING ME? You want to know what "smoke" means? This is it, being bout your business, getting things done, showing people what the fuck is up, that's SMOKE! Dana White should be idolized for this like a religious figure. While the whole world is on pause, Dana White said fuck that, this is the UFC, and the show MUST GO ON! True business man, but most importantly, a man of the people. Fighters get paid, fans get fights, and Dana well let's just say the island is going to pay for itself... and then some. Even with 0 fans physically attending the event, I believe that this can be one of the most watched events not only in UFC history, but in all of sports. On-line streaming/PPV ratings will be through the God damn roof. People are stuck in their houses, foaming out their mouth, looking for something to look forward to, and this is it. Dana White has created real life mortal combat, and we are all going to be choosing our fighters on April 18th. Thank You Dana White you fucking GOAT!


-Papa Smoke

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