Cowboys vs Bucs Rant

Good morning and happy Friday to everyone except Chris Godwin.

Motherfucker bent me over a fucked me with no lube. Dropping a TD pass and fumbling on the 2 yard to fuck me out of my Bucs team total over 35, spit on you. I was praying that the Bucs missed that FG so I could blame the loss on Godwin’s bag boy hands but I can’t. Well, at least I cashed the Cowboys +8.

Anyway, enough about me, last night was fucking awesome. What more could you ask for? Both teams were scoring at will, defenses made big plays when they had to, and it came down to the last possession.

The Cowboys looked good last night, but Dak Prescott looked amazing. Aside from his one INT, which by the way was a perfect throw, CD just let it go through his hands, Dak was flawless. His ball didn’t have as much zip as it usually does, but it didn’t have to, the ball placement from Dak was elite last night. I was extremely impressed with how Dallas played, I think we all are. If the Cowboys had a little more discipline down the stretch and limited those stupid penalties they would have won the game, but they didn’t, and they left father Tom way too much time.

Speaking of Tom, I don’t want to hear any bullshit about the refs are in Brady’s pocket for that non-call on the presumed offensive pass interference as the end of the game. If the roles were reversed nobody would say shit and you know it. Tom is the messiah of football, get over it.

The only thing I didn’t like about last night was the refs and these “new rules” that are absolute horseshit. The NFL is for the dawgs, let the dawgs be dawgs. I’m terrified that these refs are going to turn the NFL into the NBA.

Lastly, Greg Zuerlein, rot in hell you grease ball. You fucked my 1H bet. But major shout out to the Tampa Bay Special Teams they were lights out!!

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