CFB Saturday Slate

Okay so I’ll come clean right off the top, college football is not my best sport to handicap. There’s just so many teams and so many games, it takes much longer to deep dive in and find edges. I often take advice from other people I watch/listen to, along with some of my own research. I bet significantly less on these games for that reason. I love to bet high volume and just have a wild Saturday rooting for all sorts of different shit. I bet the same amount on all the games unless I genuinely love something. Basically, I throw a ton of shit at the wall and hope it sticks.

With all that being said, I went 15-3 last week on my college picks. I didn’t blog or post a card and felt like a moron afterwards. There is some damn good games this week and I cannot wait to watch. So, here’s what I got, take it, or leave it.

Ole Miss -5.5

Oklahoma -3

Rutgers +5

WVU +3

Duke +4

Louisville -2.5

Liberty -19.5

Syracuse +6

Illinois +11

Georgia -15

Oregon State -3.5

Penn State +1.5

UTSA +3.5

VT pk

LSU +3

Bama -18

16 plays in total. Let’s have a fucking Saturday! Might throw a little bread on Deontay Wilder +260 as well.