Can You Hear The ROR??

After months of rubbish golf, Rory McIlroy is finally back where he belongs. This past weekend Rory won the Wells Fargo Championship and it's about damn time he's won something. If you love watching and betting on golf like myself, you know betting against Rory has been an absolute gold mine.

However, this past weekend Rory unloaded a fat nut all over his haters faces. The best part about all of this, is that he wasn't even going to play in the tournament. Rory said had his tee time been scheduled for Thursday morning instead of the afternoon he would've withdrawn because of the pain in his neck.

I don't know if they put him on oxy's, percs, or xans, but to shoot 10 under with "excruciating" neck pain is unbelievable and it's something I need to integrate into my golf game.

Couldn't be happier for Rory !!

Wells Fargo Betting Recap:

6-1 Round Matchups

2-0 Tournament Matchups

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