I mean I’m not lying… You WILL see Burrow in Miami, he'll just be playing for another team. So I renewed my Miami Dolphin season tickets yesterday, I figured why not? 3 first round picks, big free agency signings, I get hard just thinking about it. Plus, last year I bought them, and we fucking sucked, so my logic is there’s no fucking way we could be worse than last year (fingers crossed). Regardless, our home games this year are nasty: Jets, Bills, Pats, Bengals, Rams,Seahawks, Chiefs, and the Chargers. A lot of high class QB’s but most importantly a lot of DUBS (7), GG no RE BROTHER!!

The Drafts in 7 days and I’m shitting my fucking pants, our draft hats are dummy fire, and I’m anxious to see who’s going to be rocking them during the NFL 2020 FaceTime draft. My biggest concern for the draft is some hacker, hacks the draft and starts fucking up teams picks, or they start leaking players dick pics, shit can ugly real fast... At this point I’m all in on Tua, you just get to the point where you watch his film and say FUCK IT!! If we pass on him and he balls for another team I will pour unflavored crowned in my asshole, and shit out of my mouth like they do in South Park.

I would like to end today’s blog with a special FUCK YOU shoutout to my loser professor, who schedules an exam on a HOLIDAY. What fucking ASSHOLE schedules a FINAL EXAM on 4 FUCKING 20!!! SCUMBAG.

Win Totals for the NFL 2020 Season All 32 Teams

Cardinals: Over 6 (8-8)

Falcons : 8 (9-7)

Ravens: Push 11

Bills: Under 8.5 (8-8)

Panthers: Over 5.5 (7-9)

Bears: Over 7.5 (9-7)

Bengals: Push 5

Browns: Over 7.5 (10-6)

Dallas: Over 9.5 (10-6)

Broncos: Push 7

Lions: Under 6 (4-12)

Packers: Over 9.5 (11-5)

Texans: Under 8.5 (7-9)

Colts: Over 8 (10-6)

Jags: Under 5.5 (5-11)

Chiefs: Toss up 11.5 (11-5)

Raiders: Push 7

Chargers: Over 7 (8-8)

Rams: Over 9 (10-6)

Miami: Over 5.5 (10-6)

Minnesota: Under 9.5 (9-7)

Pats: UNDER 10.5 (8-8)

Saints: Over 10.5 (12-4)

Giants: Push 6

Jets: Under 6 (4-12)

Eagles: could go either way, I’ll say over. (10-6)

Steelers: Under 9 (8-8)

49ers: Under 11 (9-7)

Seahawks: Over 9.5 (11-5)

Bucs: Over 7.5 (9-7) Brady Makes GOAT Playoff Run (No OTA’s for tom and WR)

Titans: Over 8.5 (10-6)

Redskins: Under 5.5 (4-12)

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