Bryson V Brooks – It’s happening, but who cares?

It was officially announced today, that Bryson DeChambeau and Brooks Koepka will be playing a live televised exhibition match. The Match V as their calling it, will take place the day after Thanksgiving, in Las Vegas. Both players will be mic’d up, and Charles Barkley and Ernie Johnson will be on the call. It is important to note that it will be a 12-hole match between the two.

My question is – Does anyone still care?

At one point, it seemed like there was a legitimate beef between the two golfers. They were taking jabs at each other in the media and seemed to genuinely hate each other. It was a captivating story, and the golf world was obsessed with it.

Then the Ryder Cup happed. Everyone was so curious how the two would interact and behave as teammates. But, by all accounts it went swimmingly. The two got along great and were even shown celebrating together after the American team dominated the Euros. Team America poked fun at the rivalry and made the two hug it out, while singing, “Why can’t we be friends.” At the after party, members of the USA team even wore Stepbrother themed shirts with the pictures of the two golfers on them. Reports after the match even suggested that Bryson and Brooks asked to be paired together in the first match to send a message.

So, why play the exhibition match now? Seems like just a huge money grab. I can’t blame the two for wanting to collect a bag, but for me there is no genuine interest in this event. It will be an absolute cringe fest. Have you ever heard Bryson try to be a normal guy? He’s robot that loves crushing golf balls and his personality doesn’t translate well to live TV at all in my opinion. I feel like the major draw to all these “Match” events have been the celebrities/athletes and the banter they bring. This one v one format will be lacking entertainment big time.

On top of all of that, why in the hell is it a 12-hole match? I mean its golf, isn’t it? If their excuse is, the general public gets bored of 18-holes I think that’s insane. And do we really think random casuals are tuning into this? I don’t know. Maybe I am being overly critical but that was my knee jerk reaction to this news.