Bob's SB Prop Locks

The biggest game of the year is finally upon us!! Everyone and their mother will be watching and gambling their faces off. So I figured I'd give out my prop plays and help make the people some money. I have a casual 23 plays to drop here. Full transparency I'm not throwing a billion dollars on these. Just some small plays to enjoy the big game.

-Cincy 1st drive punt -110

-Cincy first score is a FG -110

-Over 3.5 FGs +135

-2nd half highest scoring half -120

-O2.5 players to attempt pass +160

-Bengals kick longest FG of game -140

-Rams first sack of game -150

-O 5 sacks in the game -140

-Any rusher to have 100+ yards - NO -180

-Sack to happen before TD +100

-O 1.5 total interceptions -130

-Kupp 1st reception of game +550

-Higgins most receiving yards in game +600

-Higgins O 69 receiving yards -110

-Van Jefferson O 32.5 receiving yards -110

-Chase O 3.5 rushing yards -110

-OBJ O 5.5 receptions +105

-OBJ any time score +135

-OBJ first to score +900

-Perine O 8.5 receiving yards -125

-Gatorade - Blue +425

-SB TDs > Rounds in Izzy/Whittaker fight -160

-Harry Kane goals = Chase TDs +100

Those are the plays folks! Hit me up if you have any locks I'm missing or if you have any questions.

twitter: @bminus3

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