Bob Nightengale is the WORST

Everybody remembers that time Javy Baez was traded to the Braves for Shelby Miller, or when Kyler Murray chose the MLB over the NFL, right? What about when Edwin Encarnacion was traded to the Rays and the Dodgers being the clear favorites to sign Bryce Harper?

Wait… you don’t remember any of those things happening? That's weird because MLB “reporter” Bob Nightengale announced all of these on his official Twitter account…

*Make sure to check out the date and time on those last two*

Well, now we have a new all-time Bob Nightengale story… Trevor Bauer signing with the New York Mets.

Thursday evening was an eventful one for the MLB as 2020 Cy Young winner Trevor Bauer seemed to be closing in on his next team. That's when Nightengale went out and tweeted that he had a deal with the Mets.

To almost nobody's surprise Nightengale was wrong about Bauers's next team, and today it was announced (by real reporters) that Bauer is joining the World Champion Los Angeles Dodgers.

This is huge news for the MLB and should be talked about a lot, but do not let it overshadow Boob Nightengale botching yet another big-time story.

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