Big Ball'ed Bill Belichick is the Best Ever.

The king has returned to his throne, showing why he is the true and undisputed greatest of all time. The New England Patriots beat the Buffalo Bills in an absolute chess-match type game, under the lights and the elements on Monday Night. The final score was 14-10, which would appear as a stinker of a game, but this was something special to watch.

Looking at the box score, the first thing to jump out is that Mac Jones threw the football 3 times. Yes. 3 times. No not a typo.

Being able to rely on the run game that heavily is unmatched confidence in your system, game plan and overall team. Harris finished with 10 for 111 (exited early with an aggravation of his hamstring) and Stevenson finished with 24 carries for 78. The patriots ran the ball a combined 46 attempts for a total of 222 rushing yards.

I bet the game, obviously riding with a singular Unit on the Pats ML. It was such a lock that i didn’t feel there was any other way to bet the game.

But what tempted me to write this blog was Sean McDermott's quote after the game about Bill Belichick.

“Let’s not give more credit than we need to give Bill Belichick in this one.”

Are you fucking serious? Mr. McDermott, who hurt you?

Bill absolutely out coached McDermott, who couldn’t find an answer to the patriots run game. To be able to throw the ball only 3 times in a game and win is unheard of. Bill controlled the pace of the game, while also utilizing field position as well as the wind. Not to mention, Bill and Steve waiting until the last play of the game to send their all out blitz. They didn’t go cover 0 the entire game, and then dial it up on 4th & 14 with the game on the line. An absolute clinic.

New England will enter Week 14 on a Bye in sole possession of 1st place in the AFC, while Buffalo is back on the road and taking on the defending Super Bowl Champions, Tampa Bay Bucs.

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