10-2 last week Now it is time to start this week off right. Forgot to post the plays yesterday but went 2-1 as the Lightning kicked ass and hit the over… but obviously won’t count on my standings.

England ML + Vegas Golden Knights ML Parlay (+100) 3pm start for first game If you want to play it safer, I would take England -1 which is about the same odds as the parlay, but risk a push with England only winning by 1. Vegas is (likely) the better team and (hopefully) will show that today. Likely and hopefully are not great words to throw around while gambling, but they are still a part of the play tonight.

Houston Astros ML + Chicago White Sox ML Parlay (+140) 7pm start for both The classic, “fade the worst teams in baseball ML parlay.” Orioles and Pirates are some of the worst teams in the league… applying the simple logic that good teams will beat bad teams more often than not, the parlay seems safe.

University of Texas ML (College baseball) (-140) 2pm Nothing better than a little betting during the work day, it’s Tuesday, don’t work too hard you have the rest of the week to get work done. Relax, and watch some college baseball to move your workday a little quicker.

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