2-0 yesterday… makes 5-0 this week! Is gambling easy? Kinda seems like it this week!

  • Italy to win over Switzerland - Tie is a loss (-170) (3pm) In the wise words of Will Ferrell in the movie Kicking and Screaming, “Pass the ball to the Italians.” That is exactly what we are going to do here, but instead we are HAMMERING the Italians. Shout out to Billy Smokes for confirming this as a bet for me, I saw this and liked it, but once Billy tweeted to take the Italians it was time to lock that in.

  • Vegas Golden Knights -1 in Regulation (-130) (9pm) Vegas is going to shit pump Montreal this series and will continue tonight. Vegas has probably the best home ice advantage with an amazing home crowd and pair that with an elite team, Montreal is in for a longgggg 4 or 5 games.

  • Vegas Golden Knights/ Montreal Canadians Under 5.5 (-140) (9pm) Carey Price is really the main reason Montreal is still playing at this point, he is a top 3 goalie in the league and unfortunately for him, his team doesn’t give him too much offensive support. Fleury in net for Vegas shouldn’t give up any more than 2 and it would seem logical Carey Price will be a little better than Game 1 giving up 4 goals.

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