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Being a Bears Fan Sucks

Well, that sucked.

Watching those 60 minutes was as brutal as it gets. The defense tried and gave the Bears every opportunity to go down the field and score some points. Unsurprisingly, as it has been for the entirety of the Bears franchise, the offense decides to *almost* lay a goose egg.

I can’t even put all the blame on Mitch. Yes, he should’ve dove for that first down marker in the 1st half. There are a lot of things that can be improved, but he was making throws early in that game, that I did not expect. Especially on that Javon Wims dropped TD. Mitch threw that ball perfectly, and who knows how the game goes if he snags that ball.

This was pretty much exactly what I expected to happen on this Sunday afternoon, but it still hurts to watch your team get bludgeoned on National TV.

Hopefully this coaching staff gets axed completely (yes Pagano as well), and we can get someone in here who is actually competent.

Onto next year.

DA Bears

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