Become one with the pony

I’ll be taking my talents over to the ponies today. I learned in the past after I had to take a second mortgage. It has nothing to do with the statistics, Wins, shows, or places, but you have to become one with the pony! The way they galavant around the track before the race tells your balls if you have a winner. I can’t teach this way of gambling the ponies; it was a gift from the pony God. You have to become one with the pony, and the pony will become one with you.

GulfStreampark 12/17

Race #1

1 Pretty Rachel

3 Never My Love

Race #2

1 Sammy's Town

3 Clever Tale

Race #3

8 Drawntomunny

Race #4

4 Snackster

Race #5

3 Champion Up

Race #7 “long shot play”

1 Magic Eclipse

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