We've all been there. Your bet is covering the entire game. Then in the last two minutes these inconsiderate pieces of shit drive the length of the field and score a pointless touchdown that sticks your bet up your ass.

As a professional degenerate I can no longer keep my silence.

With over $80 billion being gambled on sports, we can no longer allow this bullshit to occur. It's obvious that Vegas is tapped into these QB's helmets and Coaches head sets. PLEASE EXPLAIN THE PURPOSE of having all of your starters on the field running the two minute drill WHEN YOUR DOWN 3 POSSESIONS ??? You LOST, GG BRO, head back to the lobby and try again next week.

These teams should be fined for the amount of money lost on these pointless backdoors.

Last Nights Ravens game PRIME EXAMPLE... O/U 45.5 (I live bet this under 4 times 51, 52.5,55,and 54) But IM STILL PISSED!

The first half bullshit of outrageous field position is part of the game, but lets look at this SCAM of a 4th Quarter...

Start of the 4th the Ravens ran thru the Cowboys dumpy defense and settle for a Justin Tucker field goal (that's fine) 27-10 8 Minutes left... We can still afford to give up a TD and cover.

This is where the scam starts...

The Cowgirls of course, march down the field for the first time the entire second half when it means nothing, and throw a pick in the endzone which is ruled incomplete and they don't even fucking review it... BUT WAIT THERES MORE...

After Zekes fat ass gets stuffed 3 times at the 1 yard line, they go for it on 4th and goal and Amari Cooper is more wide open than a porn stars asshole. WE ARE STILL COVERING THO (27-17)

Dallas puts their super hero cape on and tries an onside kick. Now the Ravens have the ball at the 44 yard line ! (massive sarcasm on the !)

3 plays later good ole Gus Edwards takes off for 24 yards. Shortly after that, the Ravens punch in an "Easy Money" TD to absolute shit on everyone's under ticket for no fucking reason.

Then the Cowgirls still had the AUDACITY to try to score AGAIN.. YOUR DOWN 3 scores!! Thank God it didn't work this time, but this should be prohibited from the NFL. If your down 3 scores in under two minutes the refs need to blow the whistle and call GG.