Sup fellas, we are officially one moth away from NFL football which means we are one step closer to watching my Miami Dolphins demolish the New England Patriots.

But before that happens, here's my AFC East Preview & Best Bets Going into the season:

Buffalo Bills (Win Total O/U 10.5) :

My heart tells me that the Dolphins win the division, but my head is telling me Buffalo. I vomit every time I say it, but the Bills are good. As of right now, Josh Allen is the best QB in the division and it's not even close. But over time that can change, Josh Allen was abysmal when he first entered the NFL now he's a top 10 QB. Aside from Allen, Sean McDermott has turned buffalo into a defensive powerhouse, the Bills have ranked near the top of the league as a defense and in 2019 they finished third in total yards allowed and second in points allowed.

Prediction: Bills Win Over 10.5 Games (13-4)

Miami Dolphins (Win Total O/U 9.5) :

As a die hard Miami Dolphins fan everyone is going to claim that I'm biased, but the Dolphins are a fucking good football team. We went 10-6 with Publix bag boys for WR's and a rookie QB who came off hip surgery and no offseason. In one year we went from Publix bag boys to lamborghini aventador's. I've been to two Miami Dolphins practices, and let me tell you something... JAYLEN WADDLE is a DOG! If Tua makes the leap, which I believe he will, and our defense is even half of what they were last year, there's no reason why we can't compete with Buffalo.

~I'd have us at 13-4 but we always lose that "one game" that we need to win~