A Grier in Headlights

After 6 months of rumors and speculation, Chris Grier and the Miami Dolphins ultimately made the decision to not trade for Deshaun Watson. Although I believe Watson will end up being the QB of this team, I think Grier and the Dolphins got it right. We're already 1-7 the season is over, there's not much to play for so you might as well ride out the rest of the year and see what you got.

Yesterday, Chris Grier finally addressed the media, and seemed to be very transparent However, he might have been a little too transparent. When asked if he made a mistake in drafting Tua over Herbert this is what he had to say:

Look Chris, I'm no genius, but you might want to support your QB just a little bit. I understand your looking to improve the roster at every position, but you could have at least supported your QB here by saying you made the right pick.

Aside from that comment I believe Grier did a really good job with the media. He was honest and didn't beat around the bush. He confirmed that we were interested in trading for Watson because just like any other position, if a top 5 guy is available you have to see if you can get something done. I respect that. Is Tua our biggest problem? No, but would Deshaun Watson make us a better football team and win more games? Absolutely.

At the end of the day it's still Grier for prison. He did a nice job on the mic, but he's been terrible behind his desk. The handling of this situation is an absolute embarrassment and he knows his ass is on the hot seat.

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