Sup my dudes, I know we're two days away from the draft, but I've read every mock draft possible and all of the ones with Pitts going anywhere except Miami suck.

So here's my 5 teams who made the playoffs last year, but won't this year:

  1. Saints- I mean good fucking luck. The reason why we study history in school is because it repeats itself ,and that's exactly what's going to happen to the Saints. When you have an elite QB for 17 years, you're due to fall off. The Patriots lost Brady, went 7-9. The Colts went 2-12 without Manning, and my Miami Dolphins still haven't recovered from Dan Marino's departure. I got love for Famous Jameis but this year is going to be rough for Nola.

  2. Seahawks- It's always a gamble to bet against an ELITE QB like Russell Wilson, but this Seahawks team sucks. If Russell Wilson had Tom Brady legs he'd be a paraplegic. Russell has been sacked 158 times over the last 3 seasons, it's a disgrace. A dog shit offensive line in a division like this screams disaster.

  3. Bears- This team was a waste of space in the playoffs. They made the playoffs by the grace of God. I have the upmost respect for Da Bears defense but their offense is like watching a lecture, I have no idea what the fuck is going on. And you can't forget about their MASSIVE singing in free agency..... ANDY DALTON!! Ripped it lotto!

  4. Steelers- I've been locked in on Game of Thrones and winter is coming for the Steelers. Big Ben will last 5 weeks, and this team will fall apart. They started 11-0 against Make A Wish Foundation football teams, and got steamed rolled when it counted most. The Steelers are a great organization but prepare to be humbled this year.

  5. Titans- To be honest this is my least favorite of the 5, I just had to list 5. I think the Colts are miles ahead of the Titans now that they have Wentz at the helm. And in a close wild card race who knows what can happen.

5 Teams Who Didn't Make It But Will

  1. Dolphins- Call me bias all you want I don't give a fuck. We're here to play smash mouth football and I'm all for it. We had the youngest roster in the NFL and went 10-6. We have a top 5 defense in the NFL and Tua was throwing to Mack Hollins, and Jakeem Grant, give me a break. The Dolphins remind me of a young Buffalo team from two years ago, strap in and enjoy the ride. Fins Up !

  2. Vikings- I expected big things from Minnesota last year but as usually they let me down. However, I think this can be their year. They need to figure a few things on defense, but the talent is there. You know you're going to have your ups and downs with Kirk, but if there's more good than bad they'll be alright.

  3. Cowboys- If they don't make the playoffs sell the franchise. This division is a garbage disposal.

  4. Panthers- I'm reaching here but fuck it why not. I'm a big fan of Matt Rhule, and I think Darnold will find success in Carolina much like Tannehill did in Tennessee.

  5. Chargers- Justin Herbert is a stud straight up. If their defense can stay healthy they'll be a team you don't want to see in a Wild Card game.

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