2021 NBA City Jerseys Ranked!

After the first month of the season we have been able to watch all of teams play in their new jerseys some are fire others are trash. Here is my ranking of all 30 new NBA city jerseys with picks for tonight's two games at the end.

Tier 5 - BUNS!

30. Pistons - Same old jerseys, they need to go back to the ones the Grant Hill teams use to wear.

29. Pelicans - I see what they were trying to do here but no.

28. Celtics - The rafters concept was a good idea but it just looks weird on a jersey.

27. Rockets - Jerseys aren't terrible but Rockets look weird in baby blue especially with the red lettering.

26. Bucks - Yeah I'm good, the two different shades of blue don't look great.

Tier 4 - Ehhhh I'll Pass

25. Nuggets - Same as last two years but the red does not look nearly as good.

24. Clippers - These are alright but kind of boring.

23. Wizards - Color Scheme is straight but with no team name on the front it looks strange.

22. Jazz - Decent but just a worse version of last years jersey.

21. Trailblazers - These look fire but brown jerseys are not it on the court.

20. Heat - I thought these were gonna be amazing but they don't look as good as I expected them to, last years were better.

Tier 3 - If It Is Your Team Buy This

19. Raptors - I like these with the OVO colors and they are a little switch up from the "We Are The North" ones they've had recently.

18. Timberwolves - Pretty sick, similar to the old Minneapolis Lakers Jerseys.

17. Knicks - The orange to blue fading with black looks great.

16. Sixers - Nothing crazy but pretty cool with the picture of the skyline.

15. Magic - I like these jerseys its just weird seeing the Magic in orange.

14. Kings - These look like some 2k created team jerseys but I like them.

13. Cavs - Simple but the font is sick and it gets the job done.

12. Bulls - I like these a lot definitely better than last years' jersey.

Tier 2 - Fire

11. Pacers - The throwback to the pinstripes is great.