2020 World Series Preview

The MLB Playoffs have been electric thus far and this World Series offers the perfect ending to a crazy season. If you told me in 2016 that the Tampa Bay Rays would be in the World Series in 2020 I probably would have called you an idiot. However, the twitter user @Ramon_Alone predicted that the Rays would beat the Dodgers in 6 games in the 2020 World Series in 2016. Ramon must've traveled time or something because predicting the matchup alone is incredible. In Ramon we trust.

If you want to compare lineups side by side, the Dodgers have the clear advantage, however Randy Arozarena has been the best player in the postseason and frankly, no one is in his realm. If the Rays can get just one more guy to step up *cough cough Austin Meadows, I think they can win this series relatively easily, but even if they get similar production as they got in the ALCS I still think they have a great shot. Defensively, both of these teams are great, Mookie Betts and the Dodgers outfield made some unbelievable plays and the Rays infield would let nothing get past them, meaning home runs will decide the majority of these games. Pitching wise, the Rays have a huge advantage. Their bullpen is unreal. Led by Diego Castillo, Peter Fairbanks and Nick Anderson, 3 guys who are reliever of the year quality and their trio of aces is unmatched by any team in the league. I see the Rays getting two wins off of two Charlie Morton starts and if Glasnow can deliver the way he did in game five of the ALDS, the series is the Rays to lose. The Dodgers pitching staff is also loaded with talent but they are nowhere near as deep as the Rays who feel comfortable pitching six different guys a game and getting a win by doing so. The X factor in this series is if the Rays can get one or two more guys to produce, in any game, if the Rays can put up five runs I have no doubt in my mind they’d win with the pure dominance their bullpen produces. Yes, the Dodgers lineup is extremely explosive but they are also extremely inconsistent which is something you cannot be when facing a team like the Rays as they will not give an inch and you need to bring your A- game every at bat. They have the potential to put up 5+ runs every game with guys like Mookie Betts, Cody Bellinger and Corey Seager, but they were too inconsistent versus the Braves. I find it hard to believe they will turn it around versus a pitching staff that is far superior. As for the Dodgers bullpen, I am not a fan. Kenley Jansen has not looked like himself and Roberts is scared to pitch him, Joe Kelly is all over the place and you can’t do that when facing a Rays lineup that is very patient at the plate. Julio Urias looked phenomenal in game seven but in the long run he’s the only one I’d trust coming out of this bullpen. Their starting rotation is very good but unless they use Kershaw or Buehler they will go with more of an opener approach which is not a smart move because no matter who the Dodgers throw, the Rays’ pitcher will probably be better. Because of the Dodger’s inconsistencies as a team on offense and pitching I see the Rays winning this series in seven games.

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