10-2 How You DO?

I just finished up my Miami Dolphins rant and to be honest I'm done talking about them until Grier gets fired. Guy is an absolute LOSER, but guess who's not a loser? Me!

10-2 on my NFL plays, I guess I deserved it considering I quit my job to do this full time. Just kidding, this isn't nothing new. I'm not trying to sound like an asshole but I haven't had a losing week this entire NFL season, so I should probably shut the fuck up now before I lose every bet this week.

Every Week I offer $30 NFL Pick Package and here's how we did:

NFL Week 4:

Bears ML (CASHH)

Jets +6 (CASHH)

Giants +7 (CASHH)

Giants ML (CASHH) Cardinals +4 (CASHH)

Ravens ML (CASHH)

Pats +7 (CASHH)

Pats 1H Un 24 (CASHH)

Falcons +1.5 (LOSER)

Jets Un 44.5 (LOSER)


Lions +12.5/Vikings +12.5/Giants +17 (CASHH)

Giants +17/Jets +17/Falcons +11 (CASHH)

Shoulda went 12-0 to be honest! Jets game snuck into OT, and on 3RD AND 7 the refs somehow called JD in for a TD?? LIKE BRO TWO REFS RULED HIM OUT AT THE 1 HOW TF DIDN'T THEY CHANGE THE CALL????

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